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Dan attempts to watch 101 movies in 12 months

First failure!

Posted by Dan on December 22, 2008

theninesukposterWell, it took 13 movies to do it, but I finally got to a movie that I couldn’t bare to finish: The Nines. It’s fucking awful.

I only got about 45 minute in before I stood up, brushed my hands and claimed “that’s it, I’m done” And walked off.

I’d also nodded off a few times beforehand too – and I wasn’t even tired.

Essentially Ryan Reynolds plays a computer programmer who’s having some pyschosis and is playing out the lives of the people in his game.

It’s shit. Only recommend this movie to people you hate

7 Responses to “First failure!”

  1. Dee said

    So, not so much a brain-melting, dazzling mystery as just brain-melting?

  2. Dan said

    The disappointing thing is that I could see what they were trying to get at, and in theory it’s not actually a bad premise, it was just really really fucking badly executed

  3. Josh said

    so, who hates you that recommended it homie?

    hmmmm 🙂

  4. Dan said

    It was my own fiance! OH THE HUMANITY!

  5. Josh said

    I detect a pattern

  6. Dan said

    Well, she hated it too, but regardless, she’s definitely on her last warning

  7. imnotcharming said

    i didnt recommend it so much as ‘aquire’ it for us to watch. i thought it would be better than it was… really. i did.

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