Project 101

Dan attempts to watch 101 movies in 12 months

#17 I, Robot

Posted by Dan on January 1, 2009

movie_poster_i_robotNormally I try and stay away from blockbuster movies. It’s not a “cool to hate” type thing, it’s just that when a big budget movie comes out, it’s  hard not to pay attention to the publicity, so invariably I end up being disappointed because I’ve not been able to watch the movie for it’s own merits. So I’m kinda glad that I left this one alone for a while.

Given that I’m probably the last person on the planet to have seen this movie, I won’t bore you with the details. Long story short, robots are getting smarter, and eventually evolve to try and take over humanity. Enter Wil Smith, que action sequences, insert the standard “I learnt something today..” type values, and BAM, you have I, Robot.

I actually quite enjoyed this movie, a lot more than what I thought I would. Like I said, when a movie first comes out, if it doesn’t live up to expectation, it’s usually all too easy to just pass it off as a product built on hype. But when you look past all of that, it’s actually quite a great movie. The concept of the film is based on Isaac Asimov‘s series of short stories about robotics, and while I haven’t read them myself, are apparently fairly faithful to old ideals. So, when you get a concept like Asimov’s, and put these into the faithful hands of director Alex Proyas (who’s done , amongst many others, The Crow and Dark City), you’re generally going to get a fairly good outcome.

The CGI in this movie are great, and the action sequences are highly enjoyable. There’s almost the cliche love interest plot thrown in, but thankfully they binned the idea of exploring that further and the one scene where you think an attraction is being formed, it appears to be just a brief case of lust.

I’m that for those of you who want to see it, probably already have, and those that haven’t probably have no interest in watching it. If you’re like me from a few days ago, and you haven’t seen it, but are kind of interested, I’d definitely recommend watching it.

Oh, and for the Joss Whedon geeks, keep an ear out for who voices the main robot of the movie, Sunny.

I give I, Robot 3 and a half out of 5.

“Thank you … you said someone, not something.”

2 Responses to “#17 I, Robot”

  1. Nick said

    I haven’t seen this either, but I do know that the sorest point for people with this movie was the name, and its connection to Isaac Asimov.

    Asimov invented the rules of robotics because he was sick of people turning fiction about sentient robots into ‘Kill all humans!’ action-a-thons. So, in order to try and quell the tech-phobia he invented some rules that meant that robots could go around in peace and harmony with humanity. This meant that Isaac could focus on the political and social sides of how robots would be accepted by people and the problems they’d face. Bicentennial Man, for example, that was about a robot that wanted to be human.

    Then comes along this movie, named after the book that the laws were invented in… and it’s about robots going beserk and killing people.

    Asimov did play with the ‘There’s a loophole in the 3 laws!’ thing a bit, but ‘I, Robot’ itself was pretty much free from it. The whole decision to change this fundamental theme just reeked of an executive somewhere saying “Robots, eh? They should try to kill people”.

    Still want to see it one day, however, to see how they treat the whole thing AND see if it’s a decent movie besides. I pretty much just know about the controversy.

  2. Dan said

    well see, that’s part of why I wanted to kind of let it settle first and wait before everyone else has seen it – because before it was like “hey, I’m going to see I,Robot today” “really? did you know that…..” and suddenly you’re going into the movie already feeling a little bitter about it, but if you can separate all that, it’s actually not a bad movie. I mean, it IS an action flick, so don’t expect any Oscar-worthy performances, but it’s still worth a look

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