Project 101

Dan attempts to watch 101 movies in 12 months

#23 Seven Pounds

Posted by Dan on February 8, 2009

sevenpoundsOne of my favourite shows on TV at the moment is House. It’s a quality show and everything about it I love. I find it fairly hard to fault anything about that show. However, the one annoying thing is that I can never remember when it’s on tv, so I end up usually missing the first 10 minutes, which means that I end up spending the majority of the episode trying to work out what happened, and it kinda ruins it for me. Seven Pounds is the movie equivalent of this.

Seven Pounds is the story of Ben Thomas, who works for the IRS, and uses his ability to garner people’s details to track them down and help their lives in some way. Ben has an obsession with improving the lives of these 7 people that he tracks down, and it’s only as the movie progresses that it comes out why he’s helping them, and how exactly he’s helping them. I don’t really want to give away too much of the movie, because part of the joy of the movie is just the way it gives away a little bit more about the movie. The start of the movie makes no apologies for the way it just jumps right into the movie, and it doesn’t dumb things down at all. It’s a confusing way to start things, but after a while, it does start to work.

The best way to watch this movie is to simply just let it happen. Don’t try and be one of those people that tries to work out how the movie is going to end. I hate those people. Especially in this movie – just let it happen, allow yourself to become slightly confused at some parts, and by the last 30 minutes or so, there’s that big “ooOOOOoooooh, NOW I get it” moment, and then everything starts to fall into place rather nicely.

Seven Pounds is a great movie, and I’d definitely recommend it. It does tend to try a little too much to be a bit of a tear-jerker at the end, which I don’t think quite pulls it off as much as it thinks it does. But then again, one of my friends that I saw it with started getting teary, so maybe I’m just a heartless bastard.

I give Seven Pounds, 4 pounds out of 7.

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