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Dan attempts to watch 101 movies in 12 months

#28 Wall-E

Posted by Dan on May 21, 2009

WALL-EposterI don’t know why it’s taken me so long to see Wall-E. I’m a massive fan of the Pixar movies. I own all of them on DVD (2-disc special editions, no less!), and they’re all regularly in the dvd player at home, yet it’s only since the other day that I bothered to watch Wall-E. I think it’s probably because part of me knew that I’d love it, so there was really no rush to see it. Loving this movie was a sure-fire bet. But I tell you what, it was touch and go for a while…

Wall-E is a movie set in the future, sometime after 2010. Wall-E is a robot (WALL-E stands for “Waste Allocation Load Lifter – EarthClass”) who’s seemingly sole purpose is the compact the world’s garbage into small cubes. The world has been long since evacuated, deemed too toxic to sustain human life, and now the world’s population travels around in space in a giant spacecraft (but we’ll get to that later). Wall-E does have a significant amount of AI, and leads a fairly humanised life. He does his work, and he goes back to his home at the end of each day. He’s clearly lonely, having just a single cockroach to keep him company. That is, until Eve shows up.

Eve is sent from an unmanned ship down to earth with the sole purpose of looking for signs of organic life on earth. Because EVE stands for “Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator”. Eve also has her own personality, which seems to be first first, ask questions later, which works perfectly with Wall-E’s almost co-dependent need for attention and affection. Eve becomes curious with Wall-E, but just as a friendship starts to form, Eve finds what she’s looking for on Earth, and automatically shuts down, becoming nothing more than a homing beacon, awaiting pick-up.

Look, I won’t give too much more away of the movie. I don’t want this to be some Wikipedia page on the film – and oh boy, now THERE is a mistake. If you’re ever thinking “hmmm … here’s a movie I like the sound of, but I know nothing about it – I’ll see what it has on Wiki”, then DON’T. Most of the movie pages breaks down the exact plot of the film, thus negating any reason you may have to watch it, because it’s all been explained in painstaking detail. But I digress…

Wall-E is slow to begin with, but as the movie progresses, you realise that the intro is a necessary set-up to a fantastic punch-line. The movie succeeds in two main ways. Firstly, Pixar has once again managed to make a multi-layered movie aimed for both adults and children. It’s a largely enjoyable movie for children, with all the flashing bright colours and adorable characters – for adults, there is still that, but there’s some grim views of the future and actually raises quite a number of conversation topics. More importantly, it succeeds. as all Pixar movies do, because of it’s sheer simplicity. It’s a movie that’s so accessible for everyone, that I could easily show this movie to my toughest of mates and my nan all in the same room, and I guarantee you everyone would get something out of it. I also love that there’s very little dialogue in the movie. Both Wall-E and Eve can barely utter more than a handful of words, but to hear the emotion in their voice by simply saying the other’s name, would melt the soul of even the most hardened cynic.

The movie is fairly slow-moving at parts, and I can see that there are some moments that are purely there for the sake of the kids, but that’s counter-balanced nicely with the adult-aimed themes and culture references. Wall-E, while not being my favourite of the Pixar movies, definitely rates very high. I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t enjoy this movie.

I give Wall-E 4  out of 5 Pizza Planets

2 Responses to “#28 Wall-E”

  1. Josh said

    I watched this on the weekend, and me and K both enjoyed it. I love the lack of dialogue, cause character voicing is a feature which sometimes irritates me in animated flicks.
    Its just such an awesome looking film, and the scenes where Wall-E is showing Eve all his little toys and gadgets when they first meet
    is sweet.

  2. evolkween said

    What a sweet idea for a blog. Nice one. If I may, I’d like to suggest that you track down a recently released French horror film called Martyrs. If you haven’t seen it, don’t do too much research on it, you’ll spoil it for yourself. It’s been dividing audiences everywhere and is bound to give you a crap load to post about. Cheers

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