Project 101

Dan attempts to watch 101 movies in 12 months

#37 – Bruno

Posted by Dan on December 22, 2009

No. Just no. Don’t ever see this movie ever, for any reason at all.

Worst movie of the year.

2 Responses to “#37 – Bruno”

  1. You Don't Get It said

    You have no sense of humor. Write a proper review and tell me WHY you hate this movie, don’t cheat.

  2. Dan said

    okay then, you wanna know why I hated this movie?

    – the “plot” was incredibly weak
    – the jokes were just shocking and tasteless for the sake of it with little comedy pay-off
    – the jokes that DID work, had been done better on Borat (which I actually DID really like)
    – the funny parts were just too few and far between
    – it felt like a lot of the scenes didn’t work and didn’t get the reaction expected, so rather than try and make it funny, they just tried to make it more offensive.

    I love Sacha-Baron Cohen, I’ve watched everything he’s done in both his movies and tv, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but this just seemed like such a desperate movie trying it’s hardest to be shocking and outrageous.

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