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#21 300

Posted by Dan on January 4, 2009

300posterboxI remember when I was a kid, watching movies like the Predator, Alien 3 and Terminator 2 and thinking “holy crap, the special effects in this movie are amazing, how are they going to out-do this?” and from there, movies like that were the pinnacle of realism. Then along came 300.

I was actually talking about this movie last night with a bunch of friends who had all seen the movie and interestingly enough, none of them really were able to give an answer on whether or not they liked it without some kind of justification at the end, it was all “I liked it, but…” or “I wasn’t really into it, although…” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I think in this case, it’s the perfect example.

If you like your big epic war movies that are full of espoinage, plot twists and factually correct in-depth politics, then dear reader, this movie is not for you.

If you like your big epic war movies that are full of violent battles, amazing special effects, cliché yet inspiring dialogue and beautifully choreographed sequences, then dear reader, this movie is made just for you.

… actually, let’s go for a third one …

If you like your porn movies with an all-male cast, then dear reader, this movie is made just for you.

One of the things that stood out, and I’ve checked with a few other people just in case I was projecting (that’s a whole other blog), but there’s quite a large amount of homo-eroticism in the movie. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t that phased by it, but there’s just something about a large group of incredibly fit men full of testosterone walking around the country-side in their underpants that seems slightly odd to me.

But, gay connotations aside, this is, for what it is, quite a great movie. I know a lot of people bitched about it because apparently it’s not historically correct. Honestly? That’s your biggest bug-bear with the movie? When you got the movie out, did you pick up the dvd from the ‘Documentary’ section? No, you didn’t, so shut up. Your point is no longer valid.

Enjoy it for what it is – it’s a visually beautiful movie with some amazing choreographed action sequences and some of the greatest and well used special effects that we have ever seen.

I can’t wait for The Watchmen.

I give this movie three and a half out of five kicks to the chest.

Stelios: It’s an honor to die at your side.
King Leonidas: It’s an honor to have lived at yours.

Not-Very-Interesting Fact:
There’s a small lane-way not far from my house called simply “SPARTA”. It’s not Sparta Lane, or Sparta Street, simply Sparta. Barely a weekend goes by without seeing someone take a photo of it. I might have to be one of those people. I’ll keep you posted … but I promise the photo won’t be of me in my underpants …

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#11 Suburban Mayhem

Posted by Dan on December 20, 2008

Suburban MayhemFor all of it’s pride, Australian cinema still struggles to get real mainstream recognition. I’ll be the first to admit, that there’s a lot of stinkers that we put out, but it’s because of these mainstream flops that a lot of other smaller indie movies never get the exposure that they deserve. For every Fat Pizza: The Movie, there’s a dozen 2:37‘s, which I have to say that for the larger part of it, it breaks my true blue heart.

Suburban Mayhem, when it was released, seemed to get a fair bit of press, but nobody I know actually went to see it at the movies. I’ve always liked a good Aussie indie movie, but this is one that kept slipping down my To See list.

Suburban Mayhem is the quintessential tale of “where did it all go wrong?”, and at the end of the movie, you kinda realise that your life aint too bad. The story centres around Kat, a hormone-charged 19 year old single mum who seems to exist in her own separate world compared to everyone else – one that’s full of drugs, petty crime, cheap sex, fast cars and manicures. Her life then quickly starts to fall around her after her older brother Danny goes to jail for murder. Kat idolises Danny to almost disturbing levels of loyalty. He’s not a bad guy,  just a stupid kid with a bad temper. The true tragedy is that it appears that Danny is the most level-headed member of the family.

Kat’s mum was a drug addict that abandoned the family when Kat was a young girl, yet she’ll always be a little princess to her dad, John, played by Aussie screen stalwart, Robert Morgan. John’s a honest hard working tradie who just wants the best for his kids, which ends up with Kat walking all over him and treating him like her own personal ATM. Then there’s family friend Dianne, but to be honest, she has very little baring on the movie and her role seems to be nothing more than a mere afterthought.

One day, John decides that enough is enough and cuts off Kat’s financial flow, so Kat does whatever she can to make sure that someone’s looking out for her – and she gets it no matter what she has to do. Kat betrays and uses people left right and centre, and becomes more and more dillusioned about the world she’s living in, and to boot, she’s a truly awful parent, to the extent that John and Kat’s boyfriend Rusty are constantly being visited by police and Child Welfare. The main driver of the movie, is Kat’s obsession with the idea that Danny can get out of jail, if only she can raise the money to pay for court costs to appeal his sentence. It’s  then suddenly Kat gets an idea of how to get money – by killing her dad and selling the house. What happens then, well, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Kat is played fantastically by Emily Barclay, who won an IF Award for Best Actress for this role. She’s supported by a great ensemble cast. Why Laurence Beuls, who plays Danny, hasn’t starred in more roles than he has is just beyond me.

All in all, this is a really enjoyable movie. It’s a very gritty, often confronting story about a group of people off the rails who will do anything within their grasp to get back the control of their lives that they once had.

I give Suburban Mayhem 4 out of 5 life sentances.

“I knew the mother, she was mad. I knew the grandmother, she was madder. It’s genetics I reckon. That’s the only thing I can come up with. You just can’t get clean water from a dirty tank.”

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