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#6 In The Company Of Men

Posted by Dan on December 9, 2008

I think everyone’s thrown a terrible party. Not deliberately though. You put a plan together, you organise food and drinks, you clean the place up a little, put together a sweet iTunes playlist, invite some of your best friends and everything should come together. But it just doesn’t. The intention is there, but for some unknown reason, it’s just not quite the night you thought it’d be. See where I’m going with this?

On paper, this is a great movie. A great plot, a terrific leading man, just an overall great concept that for some reason, just falls short. In The Company of Men is about two guys who are on a 6-week working trip to … some American city. They decide that, due to their stories of woe and torment from relationships, that they need to exact revenge on the female species, so they set out to find the most innocent and naive girl that they can find, be the perfect boyfriend to her, then dump her and totally destroy her emotionally. Things then go awry when one of the guys falls in love with her.

Personally, I was interested in the movie up until “one of the guys falls in love with her”, and it becomes yet another cliche bullshit movie that’s been done a heap of times. Aaron Eckhart stars as the main protagonist, and he does a damn fine job (almost too fine actually), there’s just a few things I just couldn’t swallow – for instance, the other actor, Matt Malloy, is ugly as fuck, and looks like he could be the younger brother of George Costanza. There’s no way that  girl could fall for a dude as hot as Aaron, and still find Matt attractive. He’s just not the heart-throb kind.

I think I was so disappointed by this movie because I was looking forward to it so much, that, I dunno, it just lacked *something*, but I can’t work out what it is.

I give this 2 out of 5 comb-overs

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#5 Notes On A Scandal

Posted by Dan on December 7, 2008

Okay, now this is the reason why I wanted to do the 101 Movies list. I was supposed to go to the gym today, but I decided to delay it to watch a movie, so flicked on Notes On A Scandal, and what a great decision it was.

Notes On A Scandal is the story of Barbara, played amazingly by Judi Dench, a lonely elderly teacher, despised by both students and her fellow teachers, who befriends the new art teacher to her school, Sheba Hart, played by Cate Blanchett. Barbara stumbles across Sheba’s dark secret that she’s having an affair with a 15 year old student. Barbara then sees this as a chance to seek benefit from knowledge of the secret, and to bond a close friendship with Sheba.

It also stars Bill Nighy, as Cate’s husband, who’s always a delight to watch on screen and supports Dench and Blanchette beautifully. The acting is fantastic, even from Andrew Simpson, who playes the pubescent paramore, Steven Connolley. It’s one of those movies that makes you feel kinda dirty and guilty after the movie’s over. It’s this type of incredibly immersive cinema that I love, and this doesn’t fail to impress.

This is an amazing movie that I cannot highly recommend enough. All the performances are amazing, probably one of the best I’ve seen from Judi Dench, and Cate Blanchett is fantastic as always. The script is terrific, and with all the other elements put together, makes for amazing filmmaking. If you’re looking for an immersive drama full of believable and intense characters, then look no further.

“Now, more than ever, we are bound by the secrets we share.”

5 gold stars

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#4 Scarface

Posted by Dan on December 6, 2008

Okay, time to break out a big-time iconic movie, so what better to start with that Scarface?

I really dug this movie, but to be honest, it’s probably not something I’ll break out again anytime soon. This movie is a perfect example of what   and I were talking about when this started – there’s some movies that, unless you see them when they came out, at that time and at that age of social climate, then it kinda loses something.

I get the feeling that had I watched this movie 15 years ago, it would’ve blown my mind, but this movie does age a lot. The character of Tony Montana isn’t entirely believable – I mean, hell, Pacino spends most of the movie overacting his arse off, but for some reason, you don’t care. Tony’s a bad motherfucker, and I can definitely understand why it’s got the following it does.

Seeing it for the first time in 2008 though, doesn’t quite have the same sheen to it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’ve seen it, I just thought it’d be better.

I give it 3 fuckin cockaroaches out of 5

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