Project 101

Dan attempts to watch 101 movies in 12 months

#14 Bubba Ho-Tep

Posted by Dan on December 25, 2008

671647bubba-ho-tepcShithouse. I’m not even going to write about it.

I love Bruce Campbell, I loved the Evil Dead series. I have a copy of They Call Me Bruce sitting next to the dvd player.  Hell, the only reason why I sat through those piece of shit Spiderman movies was because I found out that Bruce Campbell was in them.
But this? Shit.

I give it nothing out of nothing.

3 Responses to “#14 Bubba Ho-Tep”

  1. Liam said

    I’m sorry Dan, you fail at life.

  2. Dan said

    I wanted to like it so badly, I really did, but, I dunno. I did like the idea that Elvis swapped places with Elvis impersonators though. But god, I just found it so boring.

  3. Brad said

    “nothing out of nothing”
    that’s a perfect review!

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