Project 101

Dan attempts to watch 101 movies in 12 months

#2 Super Troopers

Posted by Dan on December 3, 2008

well damned if this isn’t a funny movie, meow. I can’t believe I haven’t watched this meow before! It’s catch-phrase-o-plenty on this one meow, and I can easily see meowself going back for repeated watchings for this one, especially after a few meow cones.

The one bad thing though was that I didn’t like Farve, the fat guy. Like, I know you weren’t really supposed to like him, but I didn’t like him AT ALL. He was really fucking annoying. But then again, the main chick in it was cute, so I guess everything evens out in the end

I haven’t seen Club Dread, but it’s definitely better meow than Beerfest, and if meow Slammin’ Salmon ever comes out, I can meow compare it to that too. Although that apparently has Coby meow Smulders in it, so with that fact alone, it’s my favourite Broken Lizard movie.


Not that I want to get into the habit of ‘grading’ movies as I go along, but I’d give this one a definite B+

“aaahhh. …. biker. I’m an idiot”

Champagne comedy.

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